Anh Tuan Nguyen, ACNPC-AG is a board certified Nurse Practitioner and has been working in the neurology department for the past 10 years in the inpatient setting. He is a detail-oriented clinical nurse with extensive understanding of neurosurgery and designing individualized care plans and adept at best-in-class personal care and family education. Anh is dedicated to setting and meeting long-term goals and has the following skills:

Nursing experience caring for neurosurgery patients
*Clinical management
*Clinical leadership
*Good clinical practices
*Strong clinical judgment
*Clinical assessment
*Clinical interventions
*Bilingual in English and
*Effective communicator
*Excellent time management


California State University – Long Beach / 05.2021
Master of Science: Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

West Coast University – Ontario / 06.2014
Bachelor of Science: Nursing