The Importance of Sleep

Sleep encompasses one third of our lives so it is important that we have good quality sleep.  Poor sleep has been linked to several health issues which include high blood pressure, blood sugar instability, weight gain, mood instability, and attention problems.  Common sleep disorders include insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and narcolepsy.  A board certified sleep specialist can properly diagnose and treat sleep disorders that could be affecting your physical and emotional health.

Symptoms & Treatments of Sleep Problems

There are many types of sleep problems and treatments to help patients overcome each sleep issue at Hoag Voltmer Sleep Center


The inability to fall asleep, stay asleep, or waking up too early despite adequate time for sleep that results in some form of daytime impairment.

Sleep Apnea

Daytime sleepiness which includes symptoms of snoring, gasping or choking during sleep, episodes of breathing cessations in breathing,insomnia,dry mouth, and morning headaches.

Restless Leg Symptoms

Uncomfortable sensations that occur in the legs but can also occur in the arms. An urge to move the legs or arms. Relief when moving the legs or arms usually worse at night.

Sleep Apnea Treatments

  • PAP (Positive airway pressure) therapy
  • Mandibular advance devices
  • Inspire medical device (
  • Surgery


  • Dopaminergic medications
  • Alpha-2 ligand medications
  • Relaxis device


  • Short term use of medications
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
Jay Puangco Sleep Specialist at Voltmer Sleep Center

Jay Puangco, MD

Jay Puangco is one of the most sought after sleep physicians in Orange County. He is highly respected amongst his colleagues and well loved by his patients due to his compassionate approach to care. He is double board certified in both neurology and sleep medicine. This combination provides a comprehensive approach to the treatment of sleep disorders. Jay Puangco also stays up to date to provide the latest advancements in treatment for his patients. He currently serves as Chief of Service for the Hoag Voltmer Sleep Center.


Kathy W. (Yelp)

I’ve had issues with fatigue for longer then I can remember and after a trip overseas with some friends, I came to realize that my sleep cycle compared to everyone else was not normal. To make things short..I was referred by my PCP to Dr. Paungco for multiple sleep studies and I am so thankful for it! My quality of life has improved drastically and I feel like I am no longer running on empty.  Dr. Paungco is wonderful! He doesn’t solely rely on medication. He actually goes over strategies and ways to improve sleep and regulate circadian cycle. I feel like I always learn something new when I see him. Overall, I had a great experience and although the sleep study itself took awhile to schedule, it is definitely worth it. You don’t realize how debilitating fatigue can be, until you’ve experience it for yourself.