Important Tips for Stroke Prevention

stroke prevention tips

Keeping your loved ones Stroke Free

With modern tools such as online ordering and fast-food chains spreading across the nation, it’s no wonder stroke remains one of the leading causes of death for both men and women in the United States.  And while we cannot alter our genetics to prevent future strokes, we are capable of controlling several major factors that greatly reduced the risks. In this article, we will outline and describe the different methods suggested by health professionals to keep you and your love ones stroke-free:

Blood Pressure

Out of all the different ways to reduce stroke risk, managing one’s blood pressure has the largest effect. In fact, high-blood pressure can even quadruple your risk of having a stroke!
To lower blood pressure, we suggest eating 4-5 cups of fruit a day, fish at least twice a week, as well as reducing salt intake to about half a teaspoon a day.  As you probably guessed, skipping those late-night runs to McDonald’s is a great start, as these types of “food” contain ungodly amounts of salt.  Additionally, adding a moderate amount of exercise (20-30 minutes) to your daily routine will help you keep your blood pressure down!

Fight Obesity

In accordance with popular belief, obesity has a major impact on stroke onset in both men and women! With that being said, it’s important not to stress out too much about your weight, as excess stress can raise blood pressure (see above).  To best manage/prevent obesity, it’s important to maintain caloric intake to 1500-2000 as well as working a exercise routine into your schedule, as previously stated.

Quit Smoking and Excessive Drinking

Did you know that smoking thickens the blood and increases plaque buildup in the bloodstream? In fact, quitting smoking can have one of the biggest impacts on stroke-prevention!  We understand that quitting can be one of the most difficult things a person can attempt.  To help this endeavor, we suggest using nicotine medications which can be purchased at your local pharmacy. Additionally, creating a balanced and consistent diet can greatly improve your willpower and strength to deny these cravings.
When it comes to alcohol, things get a little more complicated.  While it is true that a glass of wine a day can prevent strokes, it is also true that exceeding this one glass limit can produce a dramatic increase of stroke risk. Therefore, the key to alcohol consumption lies in maintaining your boundaries and limits.
In case of an emergency, be sure to have your medical cards ready and a quick dial to 911.

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